Hilary Swank Fires Back At Troll For Criticizing Her U.S. Election Comments

Hilary Swank isn’t one to back down when it comes to voicing her political views on social media.

Swank reposted a photo on Instagram of vice-president-elect Kamala Harris posing with her great-nieces after giving her victory speech on Saturday night.

However, one person wasn’t a fan of the actress’s post, not that Swank paid the troll any mind.

The social media user in question wrote: “I don’t think it’s ever smart for celebrities to share their political opinions, 71 million Americans who voted for Trump this election. Yeah focus… Because social media and the news do not announce the election.

“It’s different this time around because we have authoritarians in big tech censoring conservatives. You don’t need to demean yourself for being white. Just be chill.”

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Swank then wrote back:

Credit: Instagram/Hilary Swank
Credit: Instagram/Hilary Swank

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Another fan assured Swank:

Credit: Instagram/Hilary Swank
Credit: Instagram/Hilary Swank
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