‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet Talk Parenting Fears, Marriage Controversy And Honeymoon Blip

One year after their controversial TV wedding, “Selling Sunset” stars Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet are opening up about their thoughts, plans and nerves about potentially starting a family together. The couple tied the knot in Los Angeles in October 2019.

Fitzgerald, a real estate agent, is now preparing to get her eggs frozen to allow the couple to possibly have a baby.

“It’s important to me to [freeze my eggs] for Romain, because that’s important to him,” Fitzgerald, 40, tells ET Canada. “I don’t know if [a baby’s] something I want, but it’s something I would compromise on. I got checked and I’m very fertile apparently!”

“I need to go through the process and freeze them, but we’ve been swamped,” she continues. “[Co-star] Chrishell [Stause] just did it and you have to go in every other day to get checked and do bloodwork. I haven’t had time. If we do have a kid, it wouldn’t be for a couple of years, when we could slow down enough to properly take care of a child.”

Fitzgerald is already a mother to 23-year-old son, Austin, from a previous relationship. She admits the prospect of welcoming another child, more than 20 years after she became a parent, ignites fear.

“It’s very daunting because I had my son when I was very young, so I’ve never had a lot of freedom,” she explains. “Now, I can finally focus on work and see how much I can accomplish for myself, whereas before I was, not held back in a bad way, but busy being a parent – responsible for someone else and prioritizing them. Now, I can work 20-hour days and do whatever I have to without distraction, so it’s scary to put my career and ambitions aside.”

Despite her concerns, Fitzgerald is open to the idea and believes Bonnet, 27, would make an “amazing” father. Bonnet says he admires the bonds between his siblings and their children, and relishes his time as an uncle.

“He’s patient and nurturing,” Fitzgerald says. “It’s a relief Romain would be involved, instead of like, ‘I want a kid,’ then expect me to do everything!”

In the meantime, Fitzgerald is thrilled that Austin has recently moved Los Angeles. “It’s amazing,” she says. “It’s great being able to get dinner together and include him in activities.”

Fitzgerald adds that Austin gets along “great” with Bonnet.

“We’re comfortable with each other and as soon as he moved here, I helped him get his place set up,” Bonnet says. “It’s never easy when you move to a different place, so I do what I can to help.”

For Fitzgerald, one highlight of watching the two build their relationship was when the couple traveled to Arizona for Selling Sunset, where Austin visited daily. “[The show] rented a Porsche for us to drive around, and Romain and Austin were racing around and driving so fast!” Fitzgerald recalls. “They both love cars, so that was a cool moment watching them have so much fun.”

Austin also walked his mother down the aisle during her wedding, which aired on Selling Sunset. The nuptials caused controversy, after it emerged that Fitzgerald and Bonnet had legally wed the previous year. Fitzgerald tells us they did so “for personal reasons.”

“We signed the marriage certificate earlier, but we didn’t have a proper wedding,” she says. “The wedding everyone saw on TV was our wedding. We wanted to do it the right way, plan it and bring Romain’s family out [from France.] That was our real wedding and the one we celebrate.”

As for how marriage has changed their relationship, Bonnet jokes, “There’s no more filter!”

“Recently, we’ve been so crazy we don’t see each other as much, but nothing’s changed too much,” adds the French model, who’s currently working in construction.

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Photo: Aria Askari
Photo: Aria Askari

Indeed, despite a pandemic, their first year of marriage has been busier than ever, thanks to what Fitzgerald describes as a booming housing industry.

“We’re both hard workers and hustlers, so as much as we wish we could spend more time together, we’re taking advantage of work [opportunities,]” Fitzgerald says. “We take staycations where we’ll go to a hotel to feel like we’re doing something special, but neither of us can be away too long, so we’re looking forward to our honeymoon.”

“We had an amazing honeymoon planned [in Bali] but got to the airport and were turned away because they were shutting everything down [due to COVID-19,]” she continues. “I was determined to get on that plane. I said, ‘I’ll fly myself back. Just let me on!’ We’d been working so hard and wanted to go so bad. It’s good we didn’t because we’d either be stuck there, or would’ve flown a long way just to turn around.”

Bonnet adds: “I didn’t want to fly 25 hours to get refused!”

Until they can honeymoon safely, the couple are meanwhile looking forward to American Thanksgiving with “Selling Sunset” co-stars, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, followed by Christmas with family in Los Angeles.

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Just wanna take a second to say how lucky I am ! I’m so blessed I got to met this amazing and beautiful woman, right when I came to LA. She is the hardest workers I can think of, but also the most amazing wife I could have wish to have by my side. She push me everyday to be a better person, for work, but also inside and out. She is my sunshine that put a smile on my face everyday and for that I want to thanks her and tell her how much I love her ❤️ @themaryfitzgerald . Seriously how cute is she ? 🥰🤔 Thank you for sharing every single day of my life and been the person you are with me. You are such a exemple and a model for me, plus I get to call you my wife ! 🙏🏼❤️💯 • • • • • • • • • #maryfitzgerald #sellingsunset #netflix #happiness #love #couplegoals #lucky #blessed #wife #marriedlife #husband #romainbonnet

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As for “Selling Sunset”, Fitzgerald believes fans will “definitely” get a fourth season, but it’s yet to be confirmed. She believes future episodes would follow her and Bonnet’s house-hunt and otherwise continue from where season three ended.

“I think it would pick up where we left off because of COVID – a lot of the girls haven’t been in the office, so no one’s interacted much,” she says.

One co-star she does frequently interact with is Stause, who was recently eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars”. “I’m blown away at how good she got,” she says. “She’s clumsy and laughs at herself about it, but was so graceful by the end. I was sad to see her eliminated… but secretly a little happy because I want her back in the office.”

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