Drew Barrymore and Zooey Deschanel’s kids are no different than most, with an adorable passion for furry felines and pre-historic creatures.

On Monday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Global, the host welcomed Deschanel and the two bonded over parenting.

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But first, Barrymore addressed the state of the U.S. following the presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I have to admit I woke up really nervous about what to say today because it’s a big day. When we were doing the pilot for this show, which is like an audition tape, in 2019, my bosses and I spoke and we were concerned about how not to be political and we knew that we were going to be launching in an election year, etc,” she said. “And my immediate thought was, ‘God I hate authority, I don’t want to have to censor myself.’ But then I realized, calmly, that they were trying not to be polarizing and I understood that because at my very core belief I am anything but political.”

She continued, “One thing I wanted to do on this show was avoid our differences and find something that we all have in common. And then 2020 happened and the whole world changed and we did have something that united all of us, a pandemic, which wasn’t political until it absolutely was political. And then, Black Lives Matter ignited in the most important way and I jumped in and I knew that I may possibly have a talk show coming and at some point I would have to start talking and find my voice.”

Barrymore added, “So yes, I don’t want to be political. I want to be out of the fight and into the human solution. How do we take care of each other and be respectful and good, aware and kind, calm the waters, act local get global? Look around with a new level of imagination we have life and love, children and humanity in common. Let’s take off our armour and get into position to be problem solvers together.”

Sitting down with her guest, Barrymore brought up the fact that Deschanel’s daughter Elsie is apparently a big cat fan.

“Yes, she is obsessed with cats,” Deschanel admitted. “She likes anything sparkly so if I wear something with sparkles on it she’ll say, ‘I love that mommy,’ and I say, ‘When you grow up I’ll save it for you, you can have it,’ and she goes, ‘But I’m going to be a cat when I grow up.’ ‘Oh yeah, totally I forgot. You’ll be a cat and we will cut it down to cat size and make it a cat sweater.’”

She added that her son Charlie is also obsessed with dinosaurs.

“Loves dinosaurs, he pretends to be a dinosaur all the time,” she laughed.

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Barrymore said, “Because I’m in the two girls club and I’ve never experienced what it’s like to be with a little boy, other than like cats and dinosaurs what is the difference between boys and girls I’m so fascinated?”

“It is really fascinating, my daughter is extremely independent and kind of catlike in personality,” Deschanel told her. “Affections on her terms, she wants to hug you, she’ll hug you but if she doesn’t she’ll be like, ‘I don’t want a hug right now.’ My son, always up for a hug, always up for snuggling, very, ‘Mommy I love you because you are so beautiful.’”

Later, Barrymore brought up some of Deschanel’s most famous movies, asking about her Christmas classic “Elf”, co-starring Will Ferrell.

“I always get people who watch it every year and it’s such an honour,” she said, adding, “Will is so nice and kind. I was so young when I made that movie and I was like, it was my first big romantic lead role and I was so nervous and Will is just such a sweet person and welcoming and kind. I remember seeing him on set and he was just nice to every single person. I remember that, I loved to see somebody who takes the time to be kind to everybody. I just really admired that and always remember what a sweet person he is.”

“The Drew Barrymore Show” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on Global.