The first trailer for “Happiest Season” has dropped just in time for the holidays.

The exciting new rom-com features big names like Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Victor Garber, Dan Levy, Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza among its star-studded cast. 

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The story follows Abby (Stewart), who has decided to propose to her girlfriend, Harper (Davis), while spending the holidays with Harper’s family. 

However, Abby’s plans are thrown into disarray when she realizes that Harper has not yet come out to her conservative parents. 

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“Schitt’s Creek” star Levy plays Abby’s BFF, who shows up to help her navigate her way through the tricky situation.

The groundbreaking feature from director Clea DuVall was acquired by Hulu in the U.S. but is slated for a theatrical release in Canada in late November.

“You enter the movie immediately comforted by [knowing it’s a rom-com]. For me, especially, as somebody who would completely identify with a story of this kind, [the audience] is just put at ease in a way that’s immediate,” Stewart said in an interview with the Advocate. “It’s like, in this beautiful way, indulgent. And it just feels f**king good.”

“It also doesn’t make it an event, which is so nice,” added Davis. “It’s two people in love and there is this obstacle that they have to get over. Obviously, that is contingent on their sexuality, but everything else feels ancillary to the fact that they’re lesbians. There are stories about gay and lesbian couples or a person of some marginalized identity that are tragedies or, at the very least, high dramas. It’s so nice to be like, ‘There will be problems, but they will end up fine.’”