Hugh Jackman Enlists Ryan Reynolds’ Mom To Up The Ante In Their Holiday Giving Competition

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds bring a couple of charitable causes into their never-ending war of words.

Jackman and Reynolds sat down for Sam’s Club and a new initiative called “The Feud”. Sam’s Club shoppers can side with either Jackman or Reynolds to support their respective causes.

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“Hugh, forgive me, for exposing you for the monster that you truly are,” Reynolds says in the video. Jackman replies, “And to everyone, but Ryan, please forgive me for even engaging with someone of his emotional maturity.” Reynolds claps back, “You know what? Forgiveness sucks. Let’s let the people pick a winner.”

Jackman is supporting the Laughing Man foundation; meanwhile, Reynolds is working with SickKids.

“This holiday, when you shop with Sam’s Club, you can side with me and not only affirm Ryan is the Canned Cranberry sauce of human beings,” Jackman shared. “But you will also contribute to the Laughing Man foundation, which helps coffee-farming communities around the world.”

“Or, side with me to send the message that, like mistletoe, Hugh just makes things awkward,” Reynolds retorted. “And Sam’s Club will help me support efforts to provide compassionate care to sick children through SickKids Foundation.”

It seems the rivalry will not be settled any time soon.

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“So I guess the holidays aren’t about forgiveness after all,” Jackman said. Reynolds concluded, “No, no. As always, it’s an emotional brawl with friends, loved ones. Also, hated ones.”

Jackman then ups the ante by telling drinkers of Aviation Gin to “stop enabling this man. He’s not your friend. He’s not my friend. I’m pretty sure he’s nobody’s friend. Isn’t that right, Ryan’s mom?”

Reynolds’ mother, Tammy, then pops in with a hilarious cameo to declare, “That’s right, Hugh.”

“How did you get my mom?” asks a confused Reynolds, with Jackman responding, “She’s staying with me.”

You can learn more about The Feud by clicking here.

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