HBO ‘Girls’ Go Glam In GLAMOUR

It’s the show that’s been built-up to be the next Sex & the City and it looks like the HBO network is getting lucky with the ladies for a second time as “Girls” rakes in the rave reviews.  In the May issue of “Glamour” the show’s leading ladies open up about all the hype and dish about the not so glamorous side of life as a twenty-something.

Lena Dunham, who writes, directs and stars in the show, tells the mag why “Girls” is a voice for this generation.  “I felt like my reality wasn’t reflected in any movies or TV shows.” Adding, “You’re not going to see much of anything on the show that one of us hasn’t really gone through.”

Jemima Kirke who play Jessica on the show explains why “Girls” is far edgier than “Sex and the City” ever was. “Sex and the City glamorizes everything. Only a handful of moments in my life have been that chic.” Co-star Zosia Marnet adds, “I don’t think being in your twenties is necessarily a pretty time period in women’s lives. It’s very complicated and messy, and we tried to show all of that.



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