Eugene Levy Says ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Cast Is Open To A Movie: ‘Nothing Has Been Ruled Out’

Eugene Levy paid a virtual visit to Fox 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto, who admitted she “may be the president of the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fan club.”

During the interview, Scotto asked the Canadian comedy icon if he and the rest of the cast would amenable to reuniting for a “Schitt’s Creek” movie.

“We’ve said, and Daniel [Levy] has said too, that we ended the show when we thought the show should have ended. It was the right time to end it,” said Levy. “All the stories kind of resolved themselves in as natural a way as you could, and there was no point in really extending it.”

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That said, Levy added, “the idea of working with these people again is still something that is kind of at the front of our brains. We’ve never ruled out the possibility that, you know, we could come back in some form, be it a movie or another Christmas thing or who knows?” he said.

“But nothing has been ruled out, believe me,” he declared, adding that “the opportunity to work with everybody again would be fantastic, because it was the best six years of my life, no question.”

Levy can be seen discussing the possibility of a “Schitt’s Creek” movie just after the 2:13 mark in the video below.

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