When a computer that sounds like James Corden wants to blow up the world, Melissa McCarthy is humanity’s only hope.

On Tuesday, HBO Max dropped the trailer for the new comedy “Superintelligence”.

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In the film, McCarthy plays Carol Peters — “literally the most average person on Earth” — who is befriended by a sentient, artificially intelligent being who is trying to decide whether humanity is worth saving.

The AI entity is voiced by James Corden, which Carol immediately detects, but he explains he chose the voice because of her love for the “Late Late Show” host.

“You sent an email to James Corden claiming to be the president of Corden’s Wardens,” he reminds her.

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Brian Tyree Henry also stars in the film, along with Bobby Cannavale, who plays Carol’s love interest.

The film is directed by McCarthy’s real-life husband Ben Falcone, who also appears in the movie.

“Superintelligence” hits HBO Max on Nov. 26.