No, Baby Yoda did not eat any babies.

On the most recent episode of “The Mandalorian”, the heroes escorted an alien frog lady and her eggs to a new planet for her species’ survival.

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But along the way, Baby Yoda made a bit of a mess of things, constantly sneaking into the frog lady’s jar to steal eggs and eat them.

While most fans found the little rascal’s shenanigans adorable, Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak wanted to assure everyone that Baby Yoda wasn’t being as monstrous as he may have seemed.

As Szostak explained, the eggs being transported were not yet fertilized, meaning there were no baby frog aliens inside, similar to the chicken eggs people ordinarily eat.

On Twitter, fans reacted with good humour to the explanation.

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Some fans appeared genuinely upset, though.

“I’m a mom. It’s not funny at all to hear mama frog lady go into great detail about how important & beloved her eggs are to her & have to watch them get eaten on 3 separate occasions for s**ts & giggles. Can’t just *one* mom get to survive AND keep her kids?” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “For the record, the frog lady was very adamant about the fact that her eggs were important to her, and that it was her last and only chance to have kids, so it’s actually closer to f**king up someone’s [in vitro fertilization] which would be incredibly upsetting for a wannabe mom. it’s not funny.”