You’ve never seen a talk show musical performance quite like this.

On Tuesday’s “The Eric Andre Show”, the host ended the show by welcoming Canadian artist Grimes for a unique “Grimes & Punishment” performance.

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While singing, Grimes was strapped to a rack and tortured with a variety of items, including being tickled by a feather and having melted cheese poured on her head.

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In an interview with Complex ahead of the new season of his show, Andre revealed how he got Grimes to appear.

“[Grimes and I are] friends and she’s a fan of the show. I had a BBQ at my house a few years ago and she goes to me, ‘You know, you never have women on as the music guest,'” he said. “And I explained to her, it’s because we always torture the musical guest. I’m always beating them with bats or electrocuting them, so it’s not a good look if I’m like torturing a woman. [Laughs.] And she goes, ‘Yeah, that makes sense but I wanna do the show. Fuck it, you can torture me!'”