Bethenny Frankel drops by “The Dr. Oz Show” on Thursday to share her solutions on how viewers can keep both their bodies and their friendships healthy during pandemic quarantine.

In a sneak-peek clip from the show, she offers her advice.

“Now’s the time to not be a deer in headlights, which we’ve all been,” she told host Dr. Mehmet Oz. “I don’t know what to do, am I supposed to be exercising, cooking, homeschooling, we all feel like we’re a disaster. Everyone is having anxiety, not sleeping. So now is the time to say, I was scared, but I stayed because of my 401k, my safety net, I now have to jump and I have to fly. Because I don’t have a choice, and now you get that courage and that excitement to try something new that you love that you thought you could do, and you go do it. Now is the best time ever.”

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According to the former “Real Housewives of NYC” star, “There will be a silver lining, there will be a positive side of this, and find your way in now, but not by flailing. Now is the time to collect, plant the seeds, they will grow.”

Frankel also spoke about how she’s been maintaining her own health during the pandemic.

“I find that during this whole entire time we’ve had different ebbs and flows of what we’re prioritizing,” she explained. “In the beginning, I was meditating and I was working out every day and there was a malaise and a boredom. Just like we’re cooking meals and we’re doing all this. Then that fell to the wayside and work became a little bit more important. I was still exercising a little bit, but maybe the meditating went and now I’ve just decided to focus on sleep, not decided, your body’s telling you what you need.”

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Things at the moment, she conceded, are “getting more stressful, there’s more going on. We’re supposed to be operating as if things are normal and back to work, but we’re still in a pandemic with it, watching our kids and elderly wear masks while we do as well. That’s weird.”

As a result, she says everyone needs to be a bit less tough on themselves. “I think you don’t try to hit a home run. I think you pick your spots, relationships, food, they should be something that you have a decent relationship with. It’s not always going to be perfect, but you go back to it,” she said. “I’ve been drinking less than I was in the beginning and sleeping, but not exercising as much. You can’t do it all. You can’t do it all, so you do the best you can in that moment and try to not let the whole thing have all the wheels fall off.”

Her entire appearance can be seen on the Thursday, Nov. 12 edition of “Dr. Oz”.

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