Jimmy Fallon belted out a special version of the hit 1980s Scandal hit “Goodbye To You” during Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”.

Fallon was joined by the band’s lead singer Patty Smyth for the performance, dedicating it to Donald Trump being booted out of the White House.

The pair changed the lyrics to reference things like the president’s infamous bleach comments and him boarding Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe.

The segment comes after Fallon spoke about Joe Biden’s big win earlier this week.

He joked of the dance parties following the news, “Trump’s staff told him people were dancing in the streets because Red Lobster brought back Crab Crackin’ Mondays,” before later added of Joe Biden’s speech, “Americans are so damaged from the past four years, everyone was like, ‘When is he gonna call someone an idiot?’

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“When he is he going to insult somebody? Come on, spice it up, man.’ That’s a very different presidential speech than we’re used to. White supremacists were like, ‘No shout-out? What the hell?’”