Jimmy Fallon and Michael Strahan are spicing up the game of golf in support of U.S. veterans.

Fallon and Strahan united on the green for Wednesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show”. The celebrities challenged one another to a rather unique game of golf. Each of the three courses came with a different stipulation.

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The first course forced Fallon and Strahan to substitute their putters for pool cues. Fallon took the first round and Strahan was forced to do 22 pushups as consequence. Strahan doubled up and did 44.

Round 2 was called “Air Horn Irish Accent”. The competitors were asked to speak in an Irish accent every time an airhorn went off. Fallon lost Round 2. He had to hit his final drive blindfolded as a punishment.

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The final course required Fallon and Strahan to replace the word “Fore!” with another F-word every time they hit the ball. The stakes were high as the loser would have to perform a dance to BTS’ “Dynamite”.

See who wins in the video.