Pharrell is diving into skincare.

The “Get Lucky” artist is on the cover of Allure‘s December/January issue, talking about how his obsession with water led to his recently announced Humanrace Skincare brand.

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“Sometimes you need to cleanse your spirit. Sometimes you need to cleanse your mind. Sometimes you’ve just got to get rid of some dead skin.”

Talking about how water has inspired him, Williams says, “I grew up in humidity. The way I think about things… I’m an Aries, but I’m also a Cancer rising. Water makes me feel free. Water is very inspiring to me. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea that water falls [from] the sky as evaporation.”

Pharrell Williams. Photo: Ben Hassett for Allure
Pharrell Williams. Photo: Ben Hassett for Allure

Explaining the thinking behind his skincare line, he says, “Humanrace is a full-on brand. We just want to make things better. We want to democratize the experience of achieving wellness. And I’m not trying to be like any other wellness brand out there. That’s what they do. That’s what they give. Ours is all based on results and solutions and sensations. We wanted to look at sensations. I mean, we live in a world that needs it.”

Williams also talks about his activism and how he’s been inspired by Michael Harriot and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

“Gates said, there are many different ways to protest, to be on the front lines. Some people are great orators. Some people are great strategists,” he says. “Some people can stand and hold a placard, protest sign, for way longer than other people. There are people making sandwiches and bringing nourishment to people who are out there. My activism has [taken a lot of shapes]. Because my culture, our lives matter.”

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Pharrell Williams. Photo: Ben Hassett for Allure
Pharrell Williams. Photo: Ben Hassett for Allure

Talking about his music, Williams describes his songwriting process.

“It’s like a house. There’s more than one way inside the house. It’s not just the front door. The side doors, windows, patios,” he explains. “There [are] so many ways, so I don’t know that we have the time to really unpack that. I will say that no matter the scenario, when it comes to music for me, there’s always a trigger. It’s just a word in the conversation or a notion, or seeing a situation, or watching a movie. It all depends. And once you find that trigger, it becomes a rabbit hole and then you just kind of go down that. The rest of it is figuring out what the groove is going to be.”