Dr. Phil McGraw has U.S. President Donald Trump’s phone number but do not expect a phone call between them.

McGraw appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the conversation, Kimmel asked Dr. Phil if he would call Trump and tell the incumbent president to concede following Joe Biden’s newfound status as president-elect.

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“Do you think, if you picked up the phone, you could call President Trump and he would take the phone call?” Kimmel asked Dr. Phil. “Will you call President Trump?”

“Yeah,” the celebrity doctor responded to Kimmel’s first question. “No,” he replied to part two.

McGraw admitted “math is math” but suggested Trump may not be in a talkative mood.

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“I think he’s a little upset,” the doc told Kimmel. “We don’t respond to what happens in the world, we respond to our perception of what happens in the world.”

“Please call Donald Trump,” Kimmel pleaded.