Tiger Woods’ father’s presence is felt in HBO’s upcoming documentary “Tiger”.

HBO released a teaser for its upcoming documentary in conjunction with the star of the Masters on Thursday. The two-part documentary explores Woods’ life and, particularly, his relationship with his father, Earl Woods.

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“Please forgive me but sometimes I get very emotional when I talk about my son,” Earl says in the trailer. “He will transcend this game and bring to the world humanitarianism which has never been known before. This is my treasure. Please accept it and use it wisely.”

“Tiger” will premiere sometime in January 2021. It includes new interviews with his former caddy Steve Williams, six-time major golf champion Sir Nick Faldo and his first true love, Dina Parr. It also notably boasts Rachel Uchitel’s first-ever sit-down interview about their relationship. Uchitel is the woman at the centre of Woods’ sex scandal.