Katy Perry is being sued by an Australian designer over alleged trademark infringement.

Katie Jane Taylor is taking the “Teenage Dream” singer to court for selling clothing in Australia that bears her stage name, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Taylor sells clothes in Australia under her maiden name, Katie Perry.

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The designer claims that the “American Idol” judge is infringing on her trademark, which she registered in Australia in 2008.

Lawyers for Taylor identified a range of goods which are likely to be within the scope of the case, including a Katy Perry “Special Edition X-Large Pizza Box Kit” which features pizza-themed pyjamas, pizza slice necklaces and a pencil case.

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Perry’s legal team deny the infringement, saying the performer used her name in good faith.

Their cross-claim asserts that the performer had already established a reputation in Australia before registration of the “Katie Perry” trademark, adopting the stage name Katy Perry in 2004 using “the short form of her own first name and her mother’s maiden name” (Katy Perry’s real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson).

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The case will resume at a later date.