Ethan Hawke is an extremely proud dad.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy”, the “Good Lord Bird” star talked about seeing his daughter Maya Hawke becoming a successful actor and musician.

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“You know, Maya and I are, it’s amazing to watch, she’s my oldest. And so I’m watching her become an adult and I’m watching her express. She had an album come out this year, it’s called Blush and it’s so good,” he said. “And I had this thought the other day, it may sound like a weird thought, but it’s like if, if my whole life was on fire, like if everything was destroyed about me and I could save one thing that I had done in my life, the thing that popped to my mind that I would save first would be Maya’s record. It’s just the best. It’s so incredible.

Hawke also praised his daughter’s talent for songwriting, and the meaning behind the lyrics in her music.

“It’s the words for me, you know, she’s, I think in some level I’ve tried, there is a great Mark Twain line that all art aspires to be music, and I’ve tried to achieve the grace that music achieves as an actor. I’ve tried it as a writer. I never had it in music. I’m just a music fan, but watching her excel at my favourite art form,” he said.

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“She’s working with these other musicians who are just brilliant, Jesse Harris. He co-wrote a lot of songs with Nora Jones and he’s produced a record and wrote songs with her. To watch your kid, do what they love. And she found it her own way,” Hawke continued. “You know, I was pushing her to Juilliard. I was pushing her, you know, and this, and she’s a wonderful actor. I mean, she’s down at ‘Stranger Things’ right now shooting right now. But seeing her really express her own voice… I just felt like the best thing that ever happened to me.”