Gabriel Byrne is a man dealing with hallucinations in the new Canadian-Irish drama “Death Of A Ladies’ Man” and ET Canada has your exclusive first look at the film’s trailer.

Inspired by Leonard Cohen’s song and album of the same name, Byrne stars as Samuel O’Shea, a professor of poetry, lover of women and a hearty drinker who has seen better days. His second marriage crumbling and his children fed up with him, O’Shea begins seeing things – namely, Frankenstein’s monster, classrooms bursting into song, women with tiger’s heads.

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Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Samuel retreats to his remote lakeside cabin to search for meaning in a life lived in excess. Taking stock of his life and facing his own mortality, he begins to write the great novel he always intended to when the former ladies man unexpectedly falls for a young local woman who just might give him his chance at a happy ending.

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Director Matt Bissonnette has previously delved into the themes of Cohen and his music with his 2002 film “Looking For Leonard”, which saw the main character obsess over Cohen’s novel Beautiful Losers.

Featuring a cast that includes Brian Gleeson, Jessica Paré, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clément, “Death Of A Ladies’ Man” premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival and is set to play at the Whistler Film Festival in December.

Photo: Mongrel Media
Photo: Mongrel Media