Dwayne Johnson Credits His Daughter For ‘Moana’ Song Going Quadruple Platinum

Dwayne Johnson is giving all the credit for reaching a major milestone to his daughter, Tia.

The Rock’s Disney song “You’re Welcome” from the 2016 movie “Moana” just went four-times platinum, with more than 4 million copies of the song — written by Lin-Manuel Miranda — sold.

“A huge daddy thank you to the real reason this song is 4Xs Platinum and growing — my 2 year old boss, Baby Tia who LOVES hearing me sing this song to her, but has no idea I’m actually, Maui — which kinda makes this whole thing that much more awesome,” Johnson shared on Instagram.

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In the past, Johnson has shared a number of videos of Tia having him sing “You’re Welcome” including to properly wash her hands at the start of lockdown.

“I usually have a cool and calm demeanor when I hear good news, but admittedly when I heard this I said, “HOLY S**T MY SONG WENT QUADRUPLE F*CKING PLATINUM??” Johnson also added of the news.

Throughout the many times Tia has had Johnson sing the song, she has never really clued in that her dad and Maui are the same person.

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“Ladies & gents, my baby Tia finally believes.. oh wait. Never mind,” Johnson wrote in May. “She still refuses to believe the urban legend that her daddy is actually, Maui. At this rate it’s even pure speculation that her daddy is also The Rock. I’ll happily take these L’s and laugh as long as I get my daddy/daughter bond #3000timesandcounting.”

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