Charlotte Rampling discusses posing nude, not being a fan of plastic surgery and more in a new interview with Fashion magazine.

The 74-year-old speaks to the mag about one of her most notable fashion shoots with Juergen Teller at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris for Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2004 campaign.

In an array of images, the photographer posed nude on a grand piano while Rampling played, five years before the actress, then 63, and model Raquel Zimmermann posed naked for Teller in front of the Mona Lisa.

“People might say the pictures we did together are strange and weird,” Rampling shares. “But there was nothing perverse; it was all done in an open, loving way — like kids playing. That’s what we tap into when we are performing and making teams and imagining these other people. It’s very much like playing ‘let’s pretend’ when we were kids.”


Rampling also talks about the iconic nude that Helmut Newton took of her in Arles, France, insisting that came about spontaneously, as well.

The British star recalls how she’d been asked to pose for Playboy by the production company for the John Boorman film “Zardoz”, which she’d been promoting.

Rampling reveals how she suggested they hire “a modern photographer who would do stylish things and not just silly Playboy things.”

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After shooting the Playboy snaps, Newton suggested they “move to a richly decorated hotel to do some images for themselves.”

“Just a half an hour and we’ll do what you feel comfortable with and just click-click; if you don’t like them, we can dump them,” Rampling says. “I’d gotten on well with him, and I thought, ‘What is there to lose?’ So we went and did them very quickly. We were really just having fun. When I see how much that photo has pleased people over the years, I’m really happy because it was done so naturally. So much work is done under a lot of pressure and pain that to get something natural is really quite difficult. But this was a magic moment.”


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The Oscar nominee goes on to discuss not being into “cosmetic enhancements” to turn back the clock.

Rampling explains, “I did a bit but very little — like putting collagen in the lines — and nothing really changed my face so I ended up not doing it anymore.”

Adding, “And I couldn’t face going into surgery and coming out and looking at my face. What would I see? Probably a cleaner face with the lines wiped out. But I wouldn’t be seeing myself. I just couldn’t comprehend that. Whatever happens, I will carry on with my face as it is. But it hasn’t worked out too badly.”

Rampling can be seen in the highly anticipated upcoming Denis Villeneuve feature film adaptation of “Dune”, based on Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel. The actress plays Gaius Helen Mohiam, alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, in the movie set to be released in 2021.