Scarlett Johansson’s daughter is finding inspiration in female superheroes, not unlike her mom.

Johansson, who plays Black Widow in a number of Marvel films, told Australia’s Marie Claire how Rose, 6, is looking up to superheroines and how she is glad that Rose has that opportunity as it wasn’t around when she was growing up.

“It’s wonderful to see your kids empowered and inspired by role models who are more than you could’ve imagined for yourself,” Johansson said.

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She continued, “The [female] characters were more like seductresses [in her childhood]. They weren’t empowered in the same way superheroines are now. These characters are pushing boundaries and making things seem possible that were not possible when I was a kid. It’s progressive and fun.”

Johansson also teased that “if you asked [Rose] who would win a fight between Black Widow and Captain America, she would definitely say Black Widow.”

Not only does Johnasson star in 2021’s “Black Widow”, she is also acting as executive producer.

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The actress shares Rose with ex-Romain Dauriac who she was married to from 2014-2017. Johansson just tied the knot again, this time to “SNL” star Colin Jost.