Barack Obama is looking back on how he was once forced to step down from coaching his youngest daughter’s basketball team after parents from opposition teams complained.

In his new memoir, A Promised Land, the former President of the United States recalled how he teamed up with his personal aide, Reggie Love, to guide the young sports team to glory. 

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“After observing an adorable but chaotic first couple of games, Reggie and I took it upon ourselves to draw up some plays and volunteered to conduct a few informal Sunday afternoon practice sessions with the team,” Obama wrote in an excerpt published by The Sunday Times.

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After spending time schooling the fourth graders on “dribbling, passing, making sure your shoelaces were tied,” Obama eventually helped Sasha and her teammates to emerge as championship winners. 

The proud dad remembered how he and Love “celebrated like it was the NCAA finals.” However, not everyone was happy about their success. 

Parents from opposition teams began to complain about the fact that their children didn’t have a president coaching their children. 

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Although he was forced to step down from the role, Obama looks back on the memories fondly. 

He added, “Given all the time I’d missed with the girls over years of campaigning and legislative sessions, I cherished the normal ‘dad stuff’ that much more.”