Nick Nurse is taking a leap from the basketball court to the TV screen. 

The Toronto Raptors coach will soon make his acting debut on “Private Eyes”. 

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In a new interview with Complex, Nurse shared, “I filmed that a while back and I guess it’s getting ready to come on. Yeah, that was fun! That was fun.”

Speaking about working with Jason Priestly in the episode, he continued, “[Priestly] was great and he directed the episode. I met some really cool people that day. It was great.”

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Letting some spoilers slip, Nurse revealed how Canadian golf pro, Mike Weir, stars alongside him in the upcoming scenes.

He explained, “Mike Weir was on there, the Masters champion, right? I played myself. It took place at like a charity golf outing. So I went to the charity golf outing and whoops! I probably shouldn’t say that. They probably don’t want me saying that stuff.”

Nurse also spoke about Toronto Raptors honorary team member and number one fan, Drake.

He said, “He’s just great support, you know? He really is a big fan. He’s just always cheering me on and cheering the guys on. He’s just positive, positive energy. He’s fun to have there, you know? He really is.”

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Nurse then bragged about Drake’s massage skills, “I’ve had a shoulder rub or two from him. A famous, famous one.”

Catch season 4 of “Private Eyes” now on Global.