Dolly Parton is more than willing to do her bit amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

U.S. biotechnology firm Moderna became the latest company to reveal their plans for a promising COVID-19 vaccine this week, following news from Pfizer.

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It was then reported that Parton had helped fund the whole thing, paying $1-million of her own money to help pay for crucial research, as part of her support for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The news was revealed in a New England Journal of Medicine article written about the vaccine and how multiple medical teams had been working on it continuously for the past 12 months.

The Massachusetts-based drugmaker’s vaccine is said to be 94.5 per cent effective, according to NBC News.

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The Guardian was among the first to reveal the Parton donation news back in April. Moderna first began trials for a vaccine on March 16.

The country icon was immediately praised online when news of the donation emerged. See some of the reaction below.

Parton then spoke about how she’d been trending due to the donation during an appearance on “Today 3rd Hour”.

“I’m just happy that anything I can do can help somebody else,” she shared. “When I donated the money to the Covid fund I just wanted it to do good and evidently, it is! Let’s just hope we can find a cure real soon.”