Sarah Paulson Gets A Scare Through The Screen During ‘Ellen’ Interview

Sarah Paulson may have thought not being in the “Ellen” studio meant she wouldn’t get a scare… but she was wrong.

The actress has always been one of the host’s favourite people to terrify and her appearance on Tuesday’s show is no different.

DeGeneres questions Paulson on why she chose not to be there in person, to which she replies: “Well, I don’t know if you know… there’s a pandemic. I will scream too much,” she adds, referencing all DeGeneres’ previous scares.

DeGeneres insists, “Maybe we wouldn’t scare you just to throw you off if you were here,” as Paulson says: “No, I know that’s no longer a possibility.”

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The host adds, “I don’t want to do it, it’s just that people love it and I like to please the people.”

DeGeneres ends up scaring Paulson when a clown resembling “It” monster Pennywise pops up on the screen while she’s playing a cute video of Paulson and her partner Holland Taylor’s dog, Winnie.

Despite Winnie looking adorable, the star admits she’s a “humping machine.”

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She tells DeGeneres, “She humps my arm, it’s really upsetting. She doesn’t stop humping, she’s humping all day every day.”

Plus, the “Run” star comments on the memes going around the internet of her past scares from the show and her Cowardly Lion-sounding laugh.

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