Al Roker is back at work on the “Today” show just two weeks after revealing his prostate cancer diagnosis and undergoing surgery.

On Monday, the iconic TV personality was welcomed back to the studio, telling his co-anchors, “I feel good, I really do.”

“I had great surgeons,” Roker said, adding, “I had a lot of love from my family… and a lot of you, and all of you just really took care of me.”

He also joked, “Usually you’re dead when you get this much love, so this is happy.”

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Last week, Roker gave a remote update on his health, telling fellow anchors Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, “I am doing great, better for seeing you two. It really is special and walking around, the number of people who just give me a thumbs up and [say] ‘way to go hope you’re doing well’ has meant all the world to me. I just went to the doctor yesterday and I got some good news!”

Roker checked in to have his prostate and several lymph nodes operated on last Monday during a five-hour surgery and he was told it went well, with the doctor, Dr. Vincent Laudone, confirming “there was no evidence of any cancer” outside of the prostate.

He shared in a clip, “I was back home with Deborah [my wife] and Nick [my son] the next day and after that I was out and walking. My cancer surgeon told us the initial results look hopeful.”

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Roker added when asked how he was feeling, “I feel good, if I could just, I keep forgetting the technology has gotten so good they did it with a robot I felt much better after the surgery than I did with any of my joint replacements.

“So I didn’t feel like I had major surgery, but I’ve got this swelling around my stomach so clothes don’t fit right right now.”

Roker’s doctor then appeared on the show, confirming his surgery went well and his pathology seemed “confined to the prostate,” which was good news. But, they’d be continuing to keep an eye on him.