Jonah Hill On Embracing Fashion: ‘Clothes Aren’t Made For’ Overweight People ‘To Have Style’

Jonah Hill is on his way to fashion icon status, but there was a time when the Oscar-nominated actor thought that dream was unattainable.

Hill caught up with GQ and discussed breaking barriers for himself.

“I think the biggest shift in my personal style was that I always had an interest in personal style and fashion, but I was always a bigger guy,” the “Wolf of Wall Street” star explained.

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“It’s really hard when you’re overweight to dress a certain way because clothes aren’t made for people who are overweight to have style,” Hill noted. “So, I think it surprises people.”

The stigma is something that follows Hill even to this day: “I’ll overhear someone discussing my place in the fashion world or whatever, and people are like, ‘That guy? The schlubby guy from ‘Superbad?””

Ultimately, it was a matter of shedding the weight of others’ preconceived notions and prejudices.

“The idea was realizing, whether I was big or small, that I really can define my own personal style,” he said. “I think I was conditioned for [criticism] based on my acting career.”

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“Because, (A) being overweight and (B) comedy, you’re not supposed to be into fashion on either of those sides,” Hill continued. “When I was coming up in comedy, you would get made fun of if you cared about fashion, but I always did.”

He made it as an actor in comedies. He made it as an actor in dramas. Why should fashion be any different?

“I’m just like: ‘Wait, how many times do I have to tell myself I can’t do something?’ I’ve done all these things that I was told that I couldn’t do,” he concluded. “Just keep going, just go on the journey of being into the s**t you’re into.”

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