Jane Seymour is hitting back at producers of her new miniseries “Glow and Darkness” after they cast a younger star to portray her character in flashback scenes — even as she insists she could pass for 25-years-old.

Starring as Eleanor of Aquitaine opposite Joan Collins, the 69-year-old actress claims she was originally told she would be playing her character from ages 25 to 80 in the series. Seymour says the option to play the character at 25 was taken away from her and handed to a younger actress.

Jane Seymour (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)
Jane Seymour (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

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“They told me that only I was going to play myself at 25, but before I even got round to doing it, the day before, without telling me, they found another actress to play me at 25,” she tells The Times. “It’s something I really don’t understand at all because believe it or not, and you can see on Instagram, they don’t even need to do the facial stuff on me. It works just fine.”

“Joan Collins is 87 and she’s supposed to be playing a woman who dies at 40,” she adds.

The actress further explains she weighs as much as she did at age 17 thanks to “rigid self-discipline” and consuming only one meal a day that consists of mainly “vegetables, lean fish or a small piece of chicken and, very occasionally, a thin slice of lean steak.” Seymour has been candid about her thoughts on plastic surgery, admitting to an eye lift and breast job, but adds, “I have nothing against it, I think it’s fabulous if that’s what you want to do and obviously I’m looking around at people my age who look like Barbie dolls.”

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Producers of the medieval drama “Glow And Darkness” have not publicly responded to Seymour’s comments at this time.