As Taylor Swift reacts to the news that Scooter Braun is selling the master recordings for her first six albums to a private equity firm for a reported price of US$300 million, Sharon Osbourne has got her back.

On Tuesday’s edition of Global‘s “The Talk”, Sharon Osbourne stood up for Swift, reminding viewers that in addition to being a TV personality she’s also a rock music manager whose clients include her husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

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“This is like a saga here. It never ends. So twice it’s been bought. For me, I am always on the musician’s side, no matter what,” she declared. “There are records of my husband’s, 50 years later, they are still owned by the record company.”

However, Osbourne sees a path forward for Swift, who is planning to re-record new versions of those albums.

“Thank God she can re-record, add some new bits to the albums. Do some new videos, girl, and you will win, at the end of the day, you will win,“ Osbourne continued.

“It actually gives me a headache and a stomachache for Taylor Swift, when you look at the price that these people sold her work, sold her, it’s disgusting,” added Eve.

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“Most of my biggest songs are not owned by me,” said Eve, “and you know what, all her fans, they are diehard for her. And like you said, Mrs. O, once she re-records and puts that out she’ll sell just like she sold the first time. I can’t wait to buy it.”

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