Jamie Lee Curtis paid a virtual visit to Tuesday’s edition of Global‘s “The Talk”, where she shared a heartwarming story about a terminally ill “Halloween” fan.

Speaking with the hosts, Curtis opened up about participating in giving a wonderful gift to a fan in Charleston, South Carolina.

“They said that a young man that works [at the Terrace Theatre], Anthony Woodle, was diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have long to live,” she explained.

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“So David [Gordon Green, ‘Halloween’ producer] showed him a movie that no one in the world has seen. He showed Anthony and his fiancée, Emily, the chance to see the ‘Halloween’ movie which I thought was a beautiful gesture and I simply followed it up by calling Anthony and started having a conversation to say, I could tell him any secrets,” said Curtis of the upcoming “Halloween Kills”, which is completed but isn’t scheduled for release until next October.

That wasn’t all that Curtis had to offer.

“And it turned out that I also offered to marry him, because I am an officiant and it turned out that his wedding wasn’t going to be able to happen because he was so near death,” Curtis explained, becoming teary-eyed.

“It was a privilege,” she added. “He was the greatest Halloween fan in the world, and I know a lot of them.”

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