Rupert Grint is breaking records.

The “Harry Potter” star has beaten Sir David Attenborough’s record of reaching a million Instagram followers in the quickest time.

Grint made his big debut on the social media site on November 11 to introduce his adorable six-month-old baby, Wednesday G. Grint.

The post has had over three million likes so far.

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The actor reached the million mark in four hours and one minute, which, according to the Guinness World Records, is 43 minutes quicker than Attenborough when he launched his Instagram account back in September, the BBC reported.

Grint now has 3.3 million followers.

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Before Attenborough, Jennifer Aniston held onto the Instagram record after posting a “Friends” reunion photo.

Other stars in the upper echelons of the list include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who took just under six hours to reach the milestone last April, Pope Francis (12 hours, March 2016) and David Beckham (24 hours in May 2015).