Jason Momoa discusses family life, not being a fan of yoga, and more in a new interview with Men’s Health.

The actor says of the importance of family in 2020: “We’ve all gotten so much closer. My wife [Lisa Bonet] is very sophisticated and smart and our kids and I are kind of like animals that need to be trained a little better. I’m constantly a work in progress, and I’ve just been trying to get better as a father and a husband.”

Momoa talks about his kids, Lola, 13, and Nakoa-Wolf, 11, telling the mag of how he cried when his daughter turned 13 and his fear of her dating: “I’m not going to do well with it. I’ll just hate it if she brings home some dips**t bad boy. I’m like, ‘If you find a man who treats you better than I [treat Bonet], good luck!’”

Credit: Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health
Credit: Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health

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The star, who is known for his superhero physique and tough roles, admits yoga is the “hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Admitting he tried it recently with his wife, Momoa insists: “I’d rather squat a car. Climbing El Capitan would be easier than doing two hours of yoga. I can’t bend over anymore! My hamstrings are so tight. It’s pathetic. I remember one time I was all yoked out for Conan the Barbarian, and I was in a yoga class with all these older ladies in Topanga and everyone was just holding their arms up and I was like, ‘This is so hard!’”

Credit: Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health
Credit: Ture Lillegraven for Men’s Health

He adds of how he differs from his characters on “Game of Thrones” or “Aquaman”: “I may look big and tough, but I’m not. I’m nothing like Khal Drogo. I’m not even the king of my own house! I’m absolutely terrified of my wife.”

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The chat also sees Momoa discuss getting caught in the major protests that hit American cities this summer.

“It felt like the whole country was falling apart. At the same time, I think things needed to change. There are so many massive issues happening that can’t be tolerated anymore, and I’m absolutely behind them. I’m looking forward to not going back to normal. I do believe we’ve hit a tipping point,” he says.

“We just need to keep fighting for it. For me, I’ve been on the forefront of trying to do a lot of things with climate change and environmental issues, and that’s all part of this, too. That’s kind of gone by the wayside for some people, but it hasn’t for me.”

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