Conan O’Brien Has Had Enough Of Viewers Commenting On His New Hairdo

Conan O’Brien had a very important announcement to make during his show Tuesday.

Despite the news emerging that day that the late-night host would be ending his nightly TBS show “Conan” and moving to streamer HBO Max for a new weekly variety show, most people were still discussing his quarantine locks… and he’s had enough of it.

O’Brien read out some of the mean comments he’d received about his longer-than-usual hair, with the messages including: “Conan, you look like Gerard Depardieu,” while another read: “Conan looks just like a full-grown David Spade.”

A different person told O’Brien, “You look like my fourth grade teacher Ms. Aimes,” while one said: “Conan looks like a ’90s Ellen.”

Another social media user asked, “Why does Conan look like a homeless lesbian?”

However, deciding enough was enough, O’Brien told viewers: “Please stop obsessing over my hair.”

“I’m quite proud of the show that we’ve been putting out under these very difficult circumstances. Everyone here works hard coming up with the comedy, booking the guests, so it seems almost disrespectful to watch a clip of the show and then go to the comments and harp on the one thing nobody really put any effort into, which is my hair,” he went on.

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“Do you realize that the very future of our republic is at risk? Our delicate democratic process hangs in the balance right now, and people are thinking about how my hair is coiffed or whether it’s been cut or hasn’t been cut or how long it’s getting?!”

Show bosses obviously cared a little more about his ‘do than he thought, as the camera panned in super close to get a good look at O’Brien’s barnet mid-rant.

See more in the clip above.

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