Even though Shania Twain is a beloved global superstar, she is still working on being comfortable in her own skin.

Twain caught up with Apple Music’s “The Kelleigh Bannen Show” and opened up about a variety of topics, from her self-confidence to her new collaboration with Kelsea Ballerini.

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“Well, I would say that I’ve grown into that, and I’m still growing into it. Well, I would be lying if I said I was always comfortable in my own skin,” Twain told Bannen. “But what I like to share with people, with women, with the audience is that you’ve got to go there. You have to go into that danger zone of discovering yourself, and accepting yourself for you who you are.”

“It’s not been an easy journey,” she continued. “And I would like to say that, through my music, if it’s holding somebody else’s hand to say, screw it or whatever, I’m just going to let my hair down, and have some fun, accept who I am. And I would say almost force yourself into your comfort zone, in your own skin. It’s not easy. It’s a challenge.”

Twain recently worked with Ballerini on the song “Hole in the Bottle”. The Canadian country icon was impressed with Ballerini’s confidence and command.

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“She was directing me all the way. It was really, really cute,” Twain said. “So she would send me little snippets of all the little things she wanted me to say and sing.”

“They were little, tiny recordings of, ‘Okay, Shania, sing this. If you want to sing this, sing this. And if you like that, sing that, but do it your own way’. Anyway, it was adorable, but she’s actually a really good director and knows what she wants,” she shared. “And I really respected that.”