There’s apparently been a rumour floating around that NeNe Leakes cheated on her husband with rapper French Montana.

On Wednesday, the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star paid a virtual visit to daytime talk show “The Real” to set the record straight.

As fans of Leakes will recall, she and husband Gregg Leakes have a complicated relationship. They first married in 1996, divorced in 2011, and then remarried in 2013; earlier this year, she shut down rumours that they had an open marriage.

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“NeNe, you are always making headlines,” host Garcelle Beauvais told Leakes. “Have you heard from French? Is this true? Give me the details. Give me the tea.”

“Honey,” Leakes laughed. “Light-skinned French Montana? Honeeeey. Not my type, okay? I love French. He’s super fun. He showed me a lot of love, but he’s not my type of guy. So I didn’t get a chance to cheat on Gregg. Dang. No, there’s always rumours about me doing something.”

She added: “When you’ve been with somebody as long as I’ve been with Gregg, for 25 years, you know your mate, you know what they will do and what they won’t do,” she said. “Like Gregg, I know his type and I bet he knows mine. And with French Montana — I think Gregg would be like, ‘Chile, bye.'”