Despite having sold more than 80 million albums, Kylie Minogue admits she still battles “insecurity” about her singing abilities.

With the release of her 15th studio album, Disco, the Australian pop star opens up in a new interview with Vogue

“I’ve had more than my fair share of criticism of my voice over the years,” she admitted.

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“And I’ve had the voices in my head knocking on my door, saying, ‘You can’t sing. She can’t sing!'” she continued.

While she tries not to let that negativity get to her, she admits that it can still sting.

“A lot of it is to do with insecurity, so when naysayers are playing with your insecurities, that’s a difficult battle,” she continues.

“I’ve had to really tell myself, ‘Wait, how are you being successful if they’re telling you that you can’t sing and your voice is not a valid voice?’ I would really struggle with that,” she adds.

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Discussing Disco, Minogue tells Vogue that she felt inspired to get back to her dance-music roots.

“I’m not sure if it was in my subconscious, but a lot of the songs and the feeling that’s on Disco is aiming for the stars,” explains. “To me, it feels like liftoff.