Ellen DeGeneres is once again giving back to the heroes on the frontlines.

On Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes Shirley SaintLouis, a nurse from San Antonio, Tex, and single mom to daughters Destiny Sa’Nya and London.

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SaintLouis, accompanied by her daughters, talks to DeGeneres about why she decided to redeploy from Texas to New York City in order to help the fight against COVID-19 early on in the pandemic.

“It was an extremely hard decision,” she says of leaving her daughters behind. “I remember telling my daughters—calling Destiny, since she’s the oldest—into my room, and telling Destiny what was going on, and the severity of the cases and how New York was just an uproar, and how New York needed us.”

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Her daughter hugged her at the time, and told her she understood the reason why, whispering in her mom’s ear to please come back to them.

“You’re my hero,” one of her daughters says.

Before they go, DeGeneres has one more life-changing surprise for SaintLouis and her daughters: a cheque for $15,000 and a brand new car to drive around the whole family.