Barack Obama Joins YouTubers TwinsTheNewTrend For Bob Dylan Reaction Video

Fred and Tim Williams are learning just how good Barack Obama’s music taste really is.

On Thursday, the real-life brothers who go by the name TwinsthenewTrend on YouTube, dropped their biggest reaction video yet, listening to a Bob Dylan classic for the first time and then getting a surprise from the former U.S. president himself.

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As the twins explain early in the video, the song “The Times They Are a-Changin'” is featured on Obama’s recently released playlist to go along with his new memoir A Promised Land.

“I don’t even know who Bob Dylan is,” one of the twins says, before hitting play. “I wonder why Barack Obama chose this song.”

Once it’s finished, one of the brother praises the song, saying, “You really have to listen to what he was saying.”

Then, as they’re reviewing the song, Obama himself appears on the screen.

“I hear you guys were asking questions. I decided, I’m just going to go ahead and come here live,” he tells them. “What’s happening, twins?”

He adds, “You guys have become these YouTube stars because you’ve been going to backlist of old songs, and rediscovering them, and opening up people’s minds to all kinds of different kinds of music.”

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Asked how they got the idea for their YouTube show, the twins explain it came from “the love and passion” they have for music, particularly coming from a religious home where they weren’t exposed to a lot of music at an earlier age.

The twins then turn the tables, asking Obama why he put the Dylan song on his playlist.

“I’ve been a Bob Dylan fan for a long time,” he says. “Partly because I’m older. He was part of that kind of social conscience that was in rock music and then in hip-hop music.”

Obama adds, “I’m like everybody else, I like music about girls and cars, you know, rock and roll and hip-hop. But whenever you can find some musicians that really have a message about how America might be, how the world might be, that always is something that I pay attention to. And he’s one of the great examples of that.”

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