Dan Levy Explains To Jimmy Fallon Why ‘The Hills’ Made Him Quit Watching Reality TV

Reality TV and Dan Levy are peas in a pod once again.

On Wednesday night, the “Schitt’s Creek” star appeared on “The Tonight Show” and talked to Jimmy Fallon about how “The Hills” ruined reality TV for him.

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“Before I did [‘Schitt’s Creek’], I was working on MTV with ‘The Hills’ for a long time,” he explained. “I was doing the after-show for ‘The Hills’, and when you work so closely with a reality television show — and I loved ‘The Hills’ — but it kinda takes the magic out of the experience of watching reality television.”

He continued, “I had to take a long hiatus, and then quarantine happened and I had quite literally watched every show on television, and so I finally just resolved myself to accepting the fact that I only have reality TV left.”

Levy added, “And then it became a problem. Because I couldn’t stop watching it, and now I guess it’s all I watch.”

As for what show’s he’s been watching, Levy says he started with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and he ended up at “Below Deck: Mediterranean”.

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Also on the show, Fallon has Levy join him for a game of “Best, Worst, First”, in which they have to tell the first story that pops into their minds after getting a prompt.

In the game, Levy reveals his best late night snack, his worst fear and his first acting credit.

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