Sir Paul McCartney reveals he’s dealt with people trying to take advantage of him on his new song titled “Lavatory Lil”.

McCartney failed to name names on the track, on which he sings about a lady trying to get him to buy her a sports car. The single is from his upcoming album McCartney III.

Lyrics include, according to the Daily Mail: “You think she’s being friendly, but she’s looking for a Bentley. She says it’s hunky-dory, when she’s telling you a story.”

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The Beatles rocker spoke about the tune in an accompanying interview with Uncut Magazine.

He said: “To tell you the truth, she was someone we rubbed up against. You get a few of ’em in life, these people who screw you over. I thought, ‘I’ll have you. I’ll write a song. You’ll never know it’s about you, because I won’t tell anyone. But I’ll know. And people who know who I’m talking about will know.'”

“So I drew on my dislike of this individual and made her into a song character,” McCartney added.

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He went on, “It’s a simple little song, and I love playing it. The vocal was the first take. It’s like I say, if you think you’re doing a posh, important album, you might go over the vocal and think you can improve it.”

“But this was ‘It’ll do.’ My missus gave me this beautiful little 1954 Telecaster which I haven’t played too much until this album, so it gave me a great chance on the lead part of ‘Lil’.”

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