Jimmy Fallon shows off his unique style, Harry Styles to be exact.

Capitalizing on the fanfare of Styles’ recent Vogue cover appearance, Fallon did a parody of the publication’s popular “73 Questions” segment on “The Tonight Show”. The comedian went all out, styling his hair, rocking tons of jewelry and incorporating women’s clothing.

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The interviewer threw a softball at Jimmy Styles to start: “How’s your day been so far?”

“Well I stepped into a rain puddle and accidentally got a ladybug wet, cried about it for hours after,” Fallon replied, “But… I think I made things right because that ladybug is going on tour with me as my opening act.”

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He described his favourite meal as a “bowl of cream topped with drizzled raw honey straight from the bee colony I’m friends with and a handful of swizzle berries.”

“Thanks for stopping by,” he smiled at the conclusion of the parody. “And remember, treat people with kindness.”