Matthew McConaughey Praises ‘Fine Young Man’ Shawn Mendes: He Is ‘Challenging Himself The Right Way’

Matthew McConaughey’s budding friendship with Shawn Mendes continues to be one of the most amazing headlines of 2020.

McConaughey caught up with “The Morning Mash Up” on SiriusXM Hits 1. Host Nicole Ryan asked the Oscar-winner about his relationship with the beloved Canadian-born singer.

“We are just getting to know each other you know. He reached out and he’s, he’s a fine young man and a real talent and he’s a guy he’s a young man that’s, you know, uh, challenging himself the right way and is more than just about being an entertainer or a singer,” McConaughey said.

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“He, he, he works to be a good young man as well, and he cares about life and he’s very, you know,” the “Dallas Buyer’s Club” actor continued. “He challenges himself about where he’s going in the future as well.”

McConaughey also revealed he has always wanted to play Evel Knievel.

“I’ve dabbled and been around Evel Knievel story for a while. I don’t know. We haven’t ever been able to get the script right,” he said. “That was the original Daredevil. I mean, everything, X Games goes back to that guy. Um, and the stuff that he was doing and he was, you know, the interesting thing about him, people thought he had like a, you know, like he was wanting, wanting to die.”

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“No, he was the opposite. He was actually wanting to live so hard. He had to go, talk about creating resistance,” McConaughey continued. “That guy created resistance in his life just to feel he was, um, he was very, he was actually happier when he was on a bike about to make a jump that he might, he 95 per cent probably wasn’t going to make it.”

“He was happier then than in the times in between jumps, it was like the only place he felt actually alive was before he was actually gonna make the jump,” the actor concluded. “I don’t know if I ever do that one, but that’s something I’ve been circling for 20 years and I actually became good friends with him when he was alive.”

McConaughey is currently promoting his new autobiography, Greenlights.

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