Being in quarantine with Kurt Russell sounds pretty good.

On Wednesday night, Goldie Hawn appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for the first time ever and talked about what it’s been like spending the pandemic with her husband.

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“We’ve been home,” she said. “Well actually we did go to Aspen… as long as we’ve been together we’ve had a place there as well.”

Kimmel then asked about Hawn and Russell taking an RV up to Aspen during quarantine.

“Kurt got obsessed with an RV,” Hawn explained. “And every morning and every night I would hear a new advertisement that was a video on his iPad, and it was a different guy, and it was a different personality, and it was all about the door, about the toilet, about how you can stand up in the shower.”

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She continued, “And finally I said, ‘You know, you got like a relationship with this RV that you don’t even have yet.’ And it was pretty unbelievable. Meanwhile he got one. It came from Florida. He was completely obsessed with this thing, and you know, I’m not what we call like a camper type person, but I had to get with it and I tell you we did go camping with the family once with all of this and it was so much fun.”

Hawn added, “I mean we had a really good time. It was the first time Kurt’s been driving a big, big van like that.”