Candace Cameron Bure has made it clear she isn’t afraid to respond to social media backlash.

Bure was recently criticized for posting a photo of her other half Val playfully putting his hand on her chest, with her since insisting he’s her husband of 24 years and that “he can touch me anytime he wants.”

The “Fuller House” star then did an interview for the “Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast”, with Bure saying she thought the pic was “funny and cute.”

Credit: Instagram/Candace Cameron Bure
Credit: Instagram/Candace Cameron Bure

She explained how some people slammed her for being “inappropriate,” with Bure telling host Blake Guichet: “This is something to be celebrated as a Christian,” according to Yahoo!

“Sex doesn’t stop once you get married. Sex is the blessing of marriage and I hate when Christians are like, ‘No! You have to pretend like you’ve never had sex’ and ‘We only know that you’ve had sex three times because you’ve had three children.’”

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Bure married her husband, retired hockey player Val, in 1996 and they share three children: Natasha, 22, Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18.

“So sometimes there’s a skew about sex that — within the Christian community — that I get really sad about,” she continued. “Because if we are to promise ourselves for one another and preach saving yourself for marriage, then sex needs to be celebrated within marriage and it’s not to be shameful.”

She went on to talk about sex not being discussed in her household so she “didn’t know” anything about it growing up.

Admitting she struggled with her sexual identity as a new bride, Bure shared: “I lived in such a fear of like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not supposed to be a sexual person because I have to save myself, God is going to think negatively of me if I’m having sex…’ It’s very difficult to flip that switch.”

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Bure said she now makes an effort to talk to her kids about sex.

“I probably annoy my kids, again because I have talked about sex with them their whole lives,” she said adding, “I just make it a part of everyday conversation.”