Lynda Carter Says It’s ‘A Joy’ To Get To Sing With Her Daughter Jessica Carter Altman

“Wonder Woman” star Lynda Carter is loving the opportunity to sing with her daughter Jessica Carter Altman.

The pair joined “Today” on Thursday for a chat about making music their second career. While Carter, 69, rose to fame playing one of television’s most-iconic superheroes, daughter Altman, 30, quit her job as a lawyer to pursue music.

Altman always wanted to be a singer but “actually doing it and putting my notice in at my law firm felt a little like jumping off a cliff and hoping I could fly,” she says. “If I didn’t pursue the thing I loved the most, I would always regret it.”

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For Carter, it’s all about being able to stand on stage with her daughter and “have our voices blend.” Making music with Altman is “a joy that I hadn’t experienced before, a dream come true” she says, adding that working alongside her “pushes me to be a better performer.”

The mother-daughter duo was set to tour before the pandemic halted plans.

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