More like “My Cousin Rudy”.

On Thursday, former New York mayor and current Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani gave a press conference on the current lawsuits to question the U.S. election results.

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At one point, Giuliani caught attention by referencing a scene from the Oscar-winning courtroom comedy “My Cousin Vinny”, which he described as one of his favourite “law movies.”

On Thursday’s “Late Night”, host Seth Meyers unloaded on Giuliani and his press conference.

“After a string of embarrassing court losses and bumbling performances in front of exasperated judges, Rudy Giuliani, voted America’s wettest lawyer for three years running, held a marathon performance/performance art piece that was honestly at times so incomprehensible I thought I had to put on the closed captioning,” Meyers laughed. “And even when I did, the closed captioning said, ’Your guess is as good as mine.”

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The “My Cousin Vinny” moment quickly began inspiring jokes and memes on Twitter, with some fans imagining star Joe Pesci and Giuliani facing off.