Viewers of Thursday’s edition of “Jeopardy!” were met with a special — and, under the circumstances, very appropriate — opener for the episode.

Prior to his death earlier this month, reported TMZ, host Alex Trebek recorded a special in-show PSA to mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day on  Nov. 19.

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In his message, Trebek tells viewers that “if you or anyone you know has developed symptoms I have talked about in the past, then by all means get yourself to a doctor. Get yourself tested.”

He adds, “I want you to be safe. This is a terrible, terrible disease.”

The show’s Twitter account also shared a special message from his widow, Jean Trebek.

Meanwhile, the day Trebek passed, fans were reminded of a gracious and generous act from his past.

A Facebook post from the Laurel Canyon Land Trust reminded that Trebek donated 62 acres of land to create the Trebek Open Space, which was “not only a gift to urban Angelinos who thirst for open space and outdoor activity, but a gift to native animals such as our local Mountain Lions that require large amounts of open space in order to survive, and a gift to future generations who will have to reckon with climate change in the years to come.”