Just days after releasing the official music video for “Life Goes On”, the guys debuted an alternate version which they dubbed, “on my pillow”. This new video shows the guys lounging in their pyjamas in an extension of a scene from the original video. 

The new video comes followed BTS’ global press conference in Korea ahead of the release of Be.

V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, RM and J-Hope attended the conference. Suga was still recovering from his recent surgery.

Speaking to the socially distanced room of journalists, RM said that they have been planning the release of the album since before “Dynamite” came out. He called it “a collaborative process with fans.”

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“We all learned how to use new cameras,” he added.

“The name ‘Be’ is verb, it is a very open concept,” said Jimin. “In our discussions ‘life goes on’ came up as a recurring idea.”

Jimin also acted as music project manager for Be. All the members had different roles, V acted as visual manager.

“We all started by taking pictures of each other in our natural selves,” V said before explaining that RM came up with the idea to use their rooms as their concept photos.

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RM added detail about the opening song on the album, “Life Goes On”, explaining that it is “a little more weighty, sincere and soft” but close to “Dynamite”.

“If I say I’m not nervous at all that would be a lie,” RM said about the upcoming Grammy nominations on Nov. 25.

The group will be performing “Life Goes On” during the American Music Awards on Nov. 22.