It seems like Michael J. Fox needs to get caught up on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

On Thursday, the “Back to the Future” star appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” to promote his new memoir No Time Like the Future.

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At one point, host Andy Cohen had him play a game of “Have! You! Met Them?” in which he presented the actor with a famous person and asked if he’d met them before.

Cohen and fellow guest Alison Brie were most shocked when Barack Obama came up, and not only had Fox met the 44th U.S. president, he revealed he’d met every president from Reagan onward, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Fox also met Celine Dion once when she was about 18-years-old, and she sang at a gala dinner with the Canadian Prime Minister at the time.

“No, I haven’t met a Kardashian,” he admits, though. ‘It’s just one of those things.”

Cohen joked, “The man’s met eight presidents, but he’s never met a Kardashian.”

In another game inspired by “Back to the Future”, Fox and Brie were given items from the ’80s and asked whether they’d want to bring them back.

Items included TV Dinners, Koosh balls, puffy red vest jackets and more.

During the interview, Cohen also asked Fox, “What acting role has meant the most to you?”

The actor said, “I’d say it’s three. Alex Keaton [from ‘Family Ties’], Marty McFly [from ‘Back to the Future’] and Louis Canning on [Good Wife]. Those three characters.”

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Later , Fox got to talk about the recent virtual “Family Ties” reunion he took part in, saying, “I was excited to reconnect with them all.

On the after-show, Fox talked about the work of The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and his efforts to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease, sounding an optimistic note.

“I’m beyond optimistic. I’m confident,” he said. “It’s kind of like building a pyramid, we have to narrow it down to one rock at the top, and we have to go through a lot of rocks to get there. But we’re knocking them off one by one.”